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The editor of this website uses cookies and/or similar technologies that store and retrieve information when the user browses.

What are cookies? cookies?

In general, these technologies can serve very different purposes, such as recognizing the user, obtaining information about their browsing habits or customize the way the content is displayed. The specific uses we make of these technologies are described below.

Type of cookies used and their purpose

Analysis cookies

They are those that, processed by us or by third parties , allow us to quantify the number of users and thus carry out the measurement and statistical analysis of the use made by users of the service offered. To do this, your browsing on our website is analyzed in order to improve the range of products and services that we offer you. Meet third parties.

Behavioral advertising cookies

They are those that, processed by us or by third parties, allow us to analyze your browsing habits on the Internet so that we can show you advertising related to your browsing profile. Learn about third parties.

Cookies of preferences or personalization

They are those that, treated by us or by third parties, allow the information to be remembered so that the user accesses the service with certain characteristics (language , service content, etc. depending on the territory from which it is accessed). Learn about third parties.

Cookie declaration

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We use the following own and/or third-party cookies:

Own (Technical)

auth_token: Cookie used to maintain the user session

i18n_redirected: Technical cookie to maintain the language selected by user

< strong>cookie_control_enabled_cookies: Cookie in charge of managing cookies to which the user has given permission

cookie_control_consent: Cookie in charge of managing whether the user has given consent to the use cookies


_ga</ strong>:_This cookie is associated with Google Universal Analytics, which is a major update to Google's most widely used analytics service. It is used to distinguish unique users by assigning a randomly generated number as a customer identifier. It is included in every page request on a site and is used to calculate visitor, session, and campaign data for site analytics reports.

_ga_BKXYB9XJCD: Google Analytics analytical cookie. This cookie is used to maintain session state

test_cookie: This cookie is used by Doubleclick (Owned by Google) to define whether the visitor supports cookies

IDE: This cookie is set by Doubleclick and carries information about how the end user uses the website and any advertising that the end user has seen before visiting said website.

_gcl_au: Used by Google AdSense to experiment with the efficiency of advertising on websites that use their services.


Stripe for online payments. These cookies are necessary (technical). Due to the nature of this, personal data must be collected. Data such as names and card details etc. is transferred directly to Stripe and is not collected or stored on this website. These cookies are only installed if you go to the online payment pages, by using this payment service you agree that Stripe collects and processes your personal data for payment purposes.

Stripe Cookies are: __stripe_orig_props, merchant, private_machine_identifier, skip_mismatched_country_check, site-auth, cid, user, cookie-perms, scfc, lang, machine_identifier, stripe.csrf

How to accept, deny, revoke consent or delete cookies

Cookies can be accepted or blocked, as well as delete browsing data (including cookies) from the browser you use. Consult the options and instructions offered by your browser for this. Please note that if you accept third-party cookies, you must delete them from the browser options. For example:

Internet explorer: /es-es/help/17442/windows-internet-explorer-delete-manage-cookies

Google Chrome:</ p>



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Data transfers to third countries

You can find out about transfers to third countries which, where appropriate, are carried out by the third parties identified in this cookie policy in their corresponding privacy policies. " target="_blank">Get to know the third parties.